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Choosing the right type of flooring is one thing; deciding where to get it is quite another. There are numerous flooring brands available to suit all tastes and budgets. Some specialise in specific types of flooring, while others have broadened their scope.

Making the wrong flooring brand choice can easily land you in hot water; it can strain you financially, have you stuck with low-quality flooring, etc.

That’s why we’ll show you the top flooring brands that have been renowned over the years for their craftsmanship and innovation, as well as the flooring types they’re known for!

What Are the Top Flooring Brands?

While competition among flooring brands is always on the rise, there are five that continue to dominate the market:

1. Amtico

For a business that has been around since 1994, delivering premium flooring quality while continuing to expand in Europe and the US, Amtico is a well-deserved market leader!

This brand specialises in Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and high-performance carpeting. You can shop there for either residential or commercial flooring.

It has a wide range of LVT flooring designs with stone, wood, and abstract effects that’ll complement any interior. The brand even offers various collections to suit all needs and price ranges, with its Signature Collection being the priciest but offering the highest quality.

2. Quick-Step

Quick-Step is a Belgian flooring company that has thrived with its innovations and designs since its inception in 1990.

It sets out to promote the idea of using less expensive and simpler-to-maintain alternatives to hardwood. Let’s just say it nailed it, as it’s now a go-to for laminate and vinyl flooring! You can, however, still find stylish, long-lasting hardwood flooring options there.

This brand caters to both residential and commercial properties, with a broad range of styles to suit everyone’s taste!

3. Ted Todd

If you’re team natural wood flooring, Ted Todd should be on your shortlist! This brand has been in the hardwood market for 30 years and is now a pioneer in selling engineered and solid wood flooring types.

There, you’ll find all the common wood patterns, such as herringbone, chevron, and parquet. You’ll also have numerous species to choose from, including American Black Walnut, Bourbon Oak, and Douglas Fir.

The variety of wood tones it offers will blend in perfectly with any type of decor, whether in your home or office.

4. Moduleo

Moduleo is a trademark in the LVT flooring sector. This brand provides superior quality and prides itself on upholding strict quality standards, as all its products are designed and produced in-house in Belgium.

It’s best known for its incredibly realistic designs mimicking natural wood and stone. Its diverse textures and patterns are suitable for different types of rooms and spaces, including bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens.

Although there are pre-set collections, there’s one that you can personalise called Moods; it unlocks contemporary designs tailored to each personality!

5. Kährs

Founded back in 1857 in Sweden, Kährs is regarded as one of the oldest and most well-known flooring brands. It specialises in wood and vinyl flooring, and it’s now sold in over 70 countries worldwide!

Its unrivalled industry experience is reflected in its highly durable flooring solutions, which are available for residential and commercial use.

It’s impressive how Kährs offers a multitude of styles for each flooring type; you’ll almost certainly find something that matches your preferences!

Flooring Types and the Best Brands for Each

Now, we’ll walk you through the different types of flooring available, along with mentioning the brands that excel at producing them:

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a synthetic flooring type composed of several layers fused together, including melamine resin and fiberboard. The top layer is a high-resolution print of natural materials such as wood and stone.

To boost the durability of this flooring type, its surface is coated with a transparent plastic wear layer.

You can now have the elegant flair of wood and stone at a low-cost thanks to laminate flooring! It also has some great features, like being scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

While this flooring type is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, it doesn’t perform well in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms. It’s prone to absorbing moisture, which causes irreversible damage to the flooring.

If you decide to use laminate flooring, you should look into the following brands; the first, however, provides the most realistic natural material effects:

Vinyl Flooring

Another affordable synthetic alternative to recreating natural materials is vinyl flooring. It’s made of several layers pressed together to create a highly durable and water-resistant surface.

Vinyl flooring comes in various shapes and designs. Some of these include vinyl sheets, which are basically long rolls you can spread and fix on floors, and vinyl planks, which are boards that are specifically manufactured to mimic wood.

LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are one of the most popular types of vinyl flooring and for lots of good reasons!

This variety is made with more advanced layers, increasing its durability and extending its lifespan compared to other vinyl types. The wood and stone prints that LVT offers are also quite realistic, which adds to their appeal.

Being unable to refinish vinyl has to be the biggest drawback when considering vinyl flooring. Since the damages can’t be fixed, you’ll need to protect it for as long as possible.

Vendors listed below offer chic, high-quality vinyl flooring in countless designs:

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is the way to go if you want to add a modern touch to your interior! Carpets provide unparalleled softness underfoot and are excellent at muffling noise created by our footsteps. They’re also available in a multitude of shapes, colours, and designs.

But keep in mind that choosing the perfect carpet comes down to its density; the denser the pile, the higher the quality. Each carpet material has its own set of properties that are better suited to different spaces.

Nylon, for example, is soft and wear-resistant, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms and living rooms; however, it’s prone to catching stains. On the other hand, olefin is moisture- and stain-resistant but has a tough feel underfoot, making it ideal for outdoor or basement use.

The following brands are your best bets for finding high-quality carpets at reasonable prices and in all styles:

Lino Flooring

You’ll find Lino getting a lot of hype because of its remarkable resilience, longevity, and scratch resistance.

Lino, short for linoleum, is a flooring material made entirely of biodegradable materials. Its name is derived from linseed oil, which is its primary component.

This oil is blended with other renewable materials that differ by the manufacturing company but usually include cork dust, wood flour, and pine resin.

Lino flooring isn’t limited to imitating natural materials; it’s available in a wide range of hues and patterns! The great thing about it is that its design is woven into the thickness, not just on the outer layer, as vinyl and laminate. This ensures that the design won’t fade away.

Although linoleum is marketed as water-resistant, it’s still susceptible to absorbing moisture and developing permanent damage. That’s why you’ll need to have it sealed with a protective layer regularly to prevent water penetration.

These manufacturers offer stunning lino options for both commercial and residential properties:

Wood Flooring

Nothing beats the warm and opulent feel of hardwood flooring! When shopping in this category, you’ll notice that there are two major subcategories: solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring, as the name implies, is made entirely of solid hardwood, including popular species like oak and walnut. On the other hand, the engineered type is made up of a thin hardwood plank fixed on top of a high-quality plywood layer.

Because of the clear difference in production, the second type is less expensive. It also makes it more moisture-resistant than solid wood; the plywood layer makes it less prone to warping due to humidity. However, neither solid nor engineered wood is recommended for use in wet areas.

What makes solid wood flooring stand out is its ability to be refinished countless times, allowing it to last up to 100 years! The engineered variety can typically be refinished 1-2 times, making it last far less than the solid type.

Here are the top three suppliers of both types of wood flooring in the UK:

Stone Flooring

Are you craving a timeless addition to your home’s interior? Stone flooring is unquestionably the answer. It’s significantly more expensive than other synthetic flooring varieties, but it’s well worth the cost.

Aside from the posh appearance, this flooring type is exceptionally resilient and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Unlike hardwood, stone is moisture- and stain-resistant, so it requires less upkeep.

Stone flooring is made by cutting directly from natural stone blocks such as marble and limestone. Due to the tough nature of this natural material, it feels hard underfoot and can exacerbate slip/fall incidents. So you’ll need to take precautions, especially if there are kids around.

Shop at the following brands to ensure you get long-lasting, beautiful stone flooring:

Concrete Flooring

Concrete slabs are mostly used in factories, parking lots, driveways, and streets. As you can see, all these areas require flooring with extreme strength and toughness to withstand heavy activity and loads. What’s more, concrete doesn’t develop dents or scratches!

Due to these fantastic features, this flooring type is now being introduced to home interiors. You’re probably picturing a dull grey floor, but that’s not the case.

Nowadays, manufacturers are adding lively dyes and finishes to concrete, transforming it into a focal point in any house. The good news is that it’s in a reasonable price range!

While concrete is considered low-maintenance flooring, it’s susceptible to cracking over time. It’s not something you can control as it’s caused by temperature and humidity changes, but thankfully it can be fixed.

For gorgeous designs and premium quality, look for concrete flooring at the manufacturers listed below:

Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is a chemically formulated plastic surface added to various floorings, primarily concrete. The three most common types of this flooring type are epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA), and polyurethane (PU).

This plastic layer is distinguished by being extraordinarily hardwearing to withstand the most rigorous use. Because of this, adding it to concrete significantly boosts its strength.

Resin flooring is widely used in industrial and commercial spaces such as storage facilities and public areas. However, it can be used in residential properties as well, but be aware that it becomes extremely slippery when wet.

The following are some of the best resin flooring suppliers:

Rubber Flooring

The sight of rubber flooring in gyms and sports facilities is pretty common. The main purposes of this flooring type are protection and shock absorption. It’s also renowned for its stain- and water-resistance. That’s why it’s also a brilliant flooring option for children’s play areas!

Rubber flooring is usually made from recycled materials and is mainly found in three varieties: interlocking tiles, square-edge tiles, and rolls. All these types are available in plenty of shades and finishes.

Some rubber flooring options are a bit pricey, particularly the thicker ones, and some have high installation costs, especially in large spaces.

You can find different types of rubber flooring in the shops below:

What Flooring Brands Should You Avoid?

When looking into flooring brands, make sure to steer clear of those that don’t fit your needs to save yourself time and money.

For example, you should first determine your budget and then look for brands that fall within it; avoid brands that are super expensive or don’t offer good value for money.

You should also evaluate the flooring requirements based on the property type to find suitable options. So, if you want flooring for commercial use, stick with brands that specialise in producing highly durable flooring types.

How Much Do Different Flooring Brands Cost?

Several factors determine the flooring cost, including the type, quality and space size. We’ve divided some of the most popular flooring brands into the following categories based on their price ranges:

Budget-Friendly Brands

A budget brand typically refers to a product or brand that offers affordable options compared to higher-end or premium alternatives. Budget brands often focus on cost-effective materials, streamlined production processes, and competitive pricing strategies to cater to budget-conscious consumers without compromising on quality or functionality.

Expensive Brands

An expensive brand typically refers to a product or brand that commands higher prices compared to other alternatives in the market. Expensive brands often emphasise premium materials, superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and a strong brand reputation, resulting in a higher perceived value and exclusivity for consumers.

Luxury Brands

A luxury brand is characterised by exceptional quality, exquisite craftsmanship, exclusivity, and a strong brand image. Luxury brands often use high-end materials, intricate detailing, limited production runs, and offer a superior customer experience, appealing to affluent consumers seeking prestige and indulgence.

What Are Eco-Friendly Flooring Brands?

Eco-friendly flooring involves sustainable flooring options that have a minimal negative impact on the environment. These flooring types are usually made from renewable or recycled materials and are intended to conserve natural resources.

In a broader sense, sustainable products not only refer to the materials used but also to a brand’s level of responsible manufacturing (less waste, fewer pollutants, and so on). Here are some examples of flooring brands that offer eco-friendly solutions:

Which Brands Sell the Most Durable Flooring?

Durability in flooring types refers to their ability to maintain structural integrity over time. They should be able to withstand normal wear, tear, and impact without showing deteriorating signs throughout their lifespan.

Durable flooring also includes features that extend a material’s life expectancy, such as resistance to scratches, moisture, stains, and other common factors that are known for degrading the quality.

The following brands specialise in manufacturing durable flooring types:

What Are Some Reliable Floor Cleaning Brands?

Aside from maintaining hygiene and preventing germs and bacteria from spreading, properly cleaning floors can help extend their lifespan.

When you deep clean your floors, you have a better chance of removing stains that could lead to discolouration. You’ll also get rid of dirt and debris that can damage the flooring finish and even cause scratches.

These brands offer a range of floor cleaning products, including mops, cleaners, sprays, and solutions, designed to effectively clean and maintain different types of flooring surfaces.

Flooring Brands With the Best Warranties

Product warranties are written contracts between sellers/manufacturers and buyers. They vary depending on the situation, but they mainly guarantee replacing or repairing a product under certain conditions within a specific period.

A good flooring warranty should cover manufacturing and structural flaws. It should also guarantee the buyer a replacement in the event of wear due to normal use. This should be within a reasonable coverage period, taking into account the flooring’s expected lifespan.

Wrapping Up

Flooring is an element of a space that can either elevate its appearance and functionality or have the opposite effect.

It all depends on the manufacturer you choose to work with and the quality of their products. If they’re unreliable or aren’t suited to your situation, you may end up with the wrong flooring type.

To avoid this, make a list of your flooring requirements and have a reputable manufacturer assist you in selecting an option that meets your needs. That’s exactly what we do at The Ultimate Flooring; contact us today to schedule your free site survey!