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The best company in Twickenham for wood flooring

The Ultimate Flooring is a specialist in wood flooring options for both homes and businesses.
Simon Andrews
Excellent job. The name of the installer escapes me unfortunately but he was Albanian. He did a fantastic job with outstanding attention to detail and perfectionism. I had a new kitchen fitted and it wasn't the easiest of jobs to get this floor under the new kitchen but he managed it perfectly.

He worked very hard all day and completed by the end of that day, with great communication throughout. He couldn't have done a better job. Highly recommend Ultimate Flooring and will definitely use them again in the future. Thanks!
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Are you looking for a Wood flooring showroom in Twickenham?

The London neighbourhood of Twickenham is 9.9 miles southwest of Charing Cross and runs along the River Thames. It is well-known as the home of the Rugby Football Union and Twickenham Stadium, which draw a lot of people every year. The area has an ancient riverside with houses and parks from the 18th century that have been well-kept. People can visit places like York House, Marble Hill, and Strawberry Hill House, which was once the home of the author Alexander Pope. Twickenham has a long and interesting past that goes back to before the Normans. There are signs of villages from the Neolithic, Bronze, Iron, and Roman times.

The Ultimate Flooring has everything you need to know about wood flooring. We are the best place to buy wood flooring. We have a lot of different kinds of wood flooring in our store. We can help you find the right flooring for your business or home. In our store, we're here to help you make the right choice.

Are you looking for Wood flooring suppliers in Twickenham?

The Ultimate Flooring is the best place in South West London to get wood flooring. It is in Twickenham. As a reputable store that sells wood flooring, we have a wide range of high-quality items for both homes and businesses.

Do you need new wood flooring installed in Twickenham?

Wood flooring installation services in Twickenham, South West London, are provided by The Ultimate Flooring at the highest quality:
  1. Initial Consultation: We will talk with you about your needs, look at your property, and make suggestions about which type of wood flooring would be best.
  2. Choose and get: We have a wide range of wood flooring for you to choose from.
  3. Skilled Installers: Our installers will do a professional job of putting in the wood flooring you choose.
  4. The installation process involves preparing the foundation so that each piece of wood can fit. Our fitters always follow the best standards in the business, so we can ensure results that will last and look good.
  5. Attention to Detail: During the installation process, we always pay close attention to the details to make sure that every part of your wood flooring is put correctly.

Wood flooring underlayment

We help you choose the best wood flooring for your situation by giving you options for good padding and making sure the installation goes smoothly.

Wood flooring with underfloor heating

During the cooler months, you can enjoy the pleasure of warm wood floors. They will keep your feet warm and create a cosy atmosphere in your home or business.

Do you need to fix your wood flooring in Twickenham?

We restore wood flooring in Twickenham. We give your old wooden flooring a new lease on life. Our process includes:
  1. Fill in any holes and flaws
  2. Sand it back until it's smooth
  3. To protect yourself, use oil, lubricant, or wax
  4. Staining to enhance the natural beauty of the wood
  5. Buffing to get a shiny finish
We can fix your wood flooring, get rid of scratches, and keep it looking like new.

Wood flooring renovation

Flooring repair is the process of fixing up and reviving old wood flooring to make it look better, last longer, and be in better shape overall.

Wood flooring refinishing

Wood flooring refinishing is the process of sanding, fixing, and adding a new finish to already-existing wood floors to bring them back to their former beauty.

Wood flooring sanding

Wood flooring sanding is the process of cleaning and restoring wooden floors by removing the top layer, fixing any damage, and getting the surface ready for a new finish.

Wood flooring repair

This is why we offer professional services to fix any problems you may have with your wood flooring. No matter if there are scratches, dents, cracks, or broken boards, our team knows how to repair and restore worn-out or damaged wooden floors.

Why Should You Choose The Ultimate Flooring For Your Wood Flooring?

With more than 25 years of experience in the field, some goods come with an amazing 25-year promise. We've had a great name since 1998. We offer free site reviews and a 2-year guarantee on our work. You can count on us for all your needs in wood flooring.

What kinds of wood flooring are there?

We have engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and recycled wood flooring for you to choose from. Each choice has its own unique qualities that let you make the perfect atmosphere in your home or work.

What varieties of wood flooring patterns are there?

You can choose from beautiful choices like herringbone, chevron, mixed designs, horizontal, or diagonal installations, and parquet wood flooring. Each pattern we offer adds a unique touch of grace and style to your home or business, making it look better.

What colours are available for wood flooring?

There are many different types of wood flooring. From basic natural tones to rich dark hues, our collection includes light, dark, and traditional shades that go with any style.

What types of finishes and styles are there for wood flooring?

You can get wood flooring that is natural oiled, UV oiled, brushed and oiled, coated, hand scraped, worn, or unpainted. With our wide range of wood flooring styles, you can get the look and feel that you want.

What kinds of wood can be used for flooring?

Oak, ash, walnut, maple, hickory, mahogany, teak, pine, cork, and bamboo are all types of wood. Each species has its own special qualities, so you can be sure to find the right wood flooring for you.

What can wood flooring be used for?

Wood flooring is a flexible choice for homes and businesses with a lot of foot traffic. It can handle daily use and is immune to damage from water, so it's great for homes with pets.

Residential wood flooring

With our high-quality wood flooring, you can turn your home into a warm and welcoming place. Wood flooring is the only way to give your domestic space the natural beauty and cosy feel of a home.

Wood flooring for businesses

With our choice of commercial wood flooring options, you can make your office or workspace look more professional and friendly. Wood flooring can make your office look and feel better with its natural beauty and strength.

Common Wood flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?  Take a look at some of our commonly asked questions.

How do you keep wood flooring in good shape?

Dust and mop often to get rid of dirt and marks. Clean up spills right away to avoid damage. For a good clean, use items that are made for cleaning wood floors. To keep your wood flooring looking its best, you may need to sand, fix, or touch up chips and scratches.

How do you clean wood flooring?

In our tips, we say to use a damp mop and light cleaners made just for wood floors. To preserve the look and durability of your wood flooring, avoid using too much water or a wet mop.

What is wood effect flooring?

LVT (luxury vinyl tiles), laminate, and lino flooring all have a wood effect because they look and feel like real wood. They are less expensive than real wood flooring.

Is wood flooring eco-friendly?

Our wood flooring comes from trees that are managed in a way that doesn't hurt the earth. Our goods can also be recycled, which makes them a green choice for your home or business.

Is wood flooring water-resistant?

The protection coatings on our wood flooring make it resistant to water and spills. This means you don't have to worry about your floors getting too wet or getting damaged when they do.

What are some ideas for wood on your Twickenham property?


Our wood flooring is sturdy, easy to clean, and gives your kitchen a touch of luxury, making it a nice place to cook and hang out. With our high-quality wood flooring, you can make your kitchen look stylish and warm.

Living Room

Our long-lasting wood flooring is easy to clean and keep. It will look great in your home and last for years. With our high-quality wood flooring, you can turn your living room into a cosy place to relax.


Our wood flooring choices that are waterproof and resistant to moisture are great for making your bathroom feel warm and friendly. Enjoy the longevity and style of wood in your home while it's easy to care for and adds a touch of luxury.


Wood flooring is nice and beautiful to walk on, and it makes a room feel cosy and welcoming. Our wood flooring choices are sturdy, easy to clean, and give your bedroom a touch of class. Wood flooring is a treat that will help you sleep well.

How much does wood flooring cost in Twickenham, United Kingdom?

The price of wood flooring depends on your income and style. Prices range from £25 to £100 per square metre, based on things like the type of wood, its grade, finish, and how it needs to be installed. Contact us for a price.

What is the cost of fitting wood flooring?

Prices usually range from £15 to £25 per square metre, depending on things like the size of the area, how hard it is to put in, and how much work needs to be done beforehand.

What is the cost of maintaining wood flooring?

Maintenance services for wood floors, like cleaning, shining and repairing, cost between £10 and £20 per square metre. Get in touch with us for a bespoke price.
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