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The ultimate flooring company

The Ultimate Flooring is a wood flooring shop local to Richmond upon Thames. With over 25 years of experience.

The ultimate flooring company

The Ultimate Flooring is a wood flooring shop local to Richmond upon Thames. With over 25 years of experience.
Wood Flooring and Laminate Flooring suppliers, fitters and renovators. Bespoke services at the best rates.
Alvaro Acevedo Case Study
Laminate Flooring Supply and Fit
Our laminate flooring supply and fit service delighted the customer. Our recommendation of......
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Izabelle May Case Study
Wood Flooring Installation On The Stairs
Our expertise shone through as we fitted a new floor and stairs, even managing tricky turning......
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About Us
The Ultimate Flooring is a wood flooring shop local to Richmond upon Thames. With over 25 years of experience.
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Top Reputation
Our staff are well-renowned as some of the best floor fitters in the country.
Since 1998
With over 25 years of experience, we take great pride in maintaining our reputation.
Our Guarantee
We offer a 25 Year Product Guarantee on selected products.
Free site survey
We offer a free site survey and a fee quotation before taking on any job.

our flooring blog

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Luxury Wood Flooring Types. Discover the beauty and durability of luxury wood flooring types including parquet, hardwood, engineered, ash, walnut, bamboo, and alternatives.
Luxury Wood Flooring: Understanding the Differences in Cost and Quality
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A Buying Guide To Cheap Wood Flooring: Understanding Why Wood Flooring Can Cost Less
Looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property without going over budget? One solution is to invest in cheap wood flooring. It's a popular upgrade for homeowners across the globe that is affordable, stylish, and durable. In terms of flooring, low cost doesn’t always mean low quality. This guide will debunk such notions, showing […]
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Wood flooring finishes installation, maintenance, and cost. Learn about types, pros, cons, and application. Enhance your space with beautiful wooden floors.
A Guide To Wood Flooring Finishes: Types, Installation, Maintenance, Cost
Choosing the right wood flooring finishes transforms your space, adding charm and architectural interest. This guide covers everything, starting with an exploration of different types of finishes—ranging from oil-based to varnish—and their unique characteristics. We then move on to application techniques, demystifying the process and offering practical tips. Next, we delve into the expected lifespan […]
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Got a question?  Take a look at some of our commonly asked questions.
How long does it take to install new flooring?
The size and complexity of the space determines how long it will take to install new flooring. The usual time needed to install new flooring is one to three days. Installing flooring may take longer, if the space is bigger or the material is more complex. To get a specific installation time estimate, it is best to speak with a flooring expert.
What type of flooring is best and cheapest?
Your requirements and preferences will determine the best and least expensive type of flooring. In general, laminate and vinyl flooring are good choices since they are cost-effective, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. To choose the best fit for your specific needs and budget it's best to explore and assess different choices. Each type of flooring has its own benefits and drawbacks.
Which flooring lasts the longest?
The longest-lasting type of flooring is typically hardwood, which can last up to 100 years with good upkeep. Concrete, natural stone, and ceramic or porcelain tile are other long-lasting alternatives. F Yet, factors like the quality of the materials, installation, and maintenance affect how long any flooring lasts. Any form of flooring can last longer with routine maintenance and cleaning.
What type of flooring is most popular?
The most popular flooring varies by location and market, but in the UK, carpet, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood are the most widely used materials. The optimal approach is to research and compare various options based on your unique needs and tastes because each of these types has pros and cons of its own.
Do you offer a guarantee on your workmanship?
Yes, absolutely. Every good flooring company that is confident their workmanship is good should offer a guarantee. We offer a 2 year guarantee.
Can I get an estimate for the total cost before installation begins?
Absolutely, before work starts, the most good flooring companies provide free estimates for the total cost of installation. This enables you to have an accurate prediction of the final cost before committing to the job, taking into account any materials and labour. 
How do I properly dispose of or recycle old wood flooring when it needs to be replaced?
A number of ways to recycle or dispose of old wood flooring. If you want to know if your local council offers wood recycling or collection services, you can inquire with them. As an alternative, you can take the wood to a landfill or recycling facility that takes wood waste. We also offer removal and disposal services. services for an additional fee. It's important to avoid burning wood flooring, as it can release harmful chemicals into the air.
What is LVT flooring made of and how is it produced?
Luxury vinyl tile flooring, or LVT, is made from many PVC vinyl layers and a top protective layer that is imprinted with a pattern or design. Heat and pressure are used to fuse the layers together, producing a strong, water-resistant flooring material. To produce a variety of designs, including those that imitate the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone, the printing technique can use digital or rotational printing. Hot press or hot roll, a method that includes heating the layers and pressing them together into sheets or tiles, is generally used to create LVT flooring.
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