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Laminate Flooring Supply and Fit

Our laminate flooring supply and fit service delighted the customer. Our recommendation of skirting boards resulted in an enhanced aesthetic, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction.
what we did
We successfully met the customer's flooring needs, impressing them with the fitters' top workmanship.

The customer faced a dilemma regarding skirting boards versus Scotia beading, seeking guidance for achieving an optimal aesthetic outcome.

We offered advice, recommending the installation of skirting boards for a superior look. The team executed the installation process, addressing the customer's needs and surpassing their expectations.
: We are very happy with the new laminate flooring. The fitters performed an immaculate work. We weren't sure about installing skirting boards vs Scotia beading we followed Shafique's recommendation which resulted in a better look.
Alvaro Acevedo